Some changes to classes for COVID 19

If you were in the rescheduled concealed class 4/4 we have 2 times open just for you. 1-4pm 4/14 or 1-4pm 4/19 call 727-849-7457 to be moved into one of these times only 10 seats available in each of these times.

April concealed classes that have already been reserved for 4/9, 4/14. 4/19, and 4/25 will be held at their scheduled time with limited seating of 8-10.   

All April learn to shoot classes are rescheduled and we will notify you when we have times available



This class is meant for those wishing to apply for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit. this class is for both residents and non residents of Florida. Taught by Rob who has been teaching varations of these classes for 27 years. No one has ever fallen asleep in these classes and all leave both entertained and informed. This class is a personal protection concealed course. IT is a slightly different format that covers more than just the laws of carry. During the class, Florida state laws will be addressed - After the class, students will have a firm understanding of what you can and can't do in the state of Florida. We also go over some home defense techniques and cover different firearms and methods of concealment. This class runs 3 hours and includes a free range visit that must be used prior to the start of the class to demonstrate proficiency as required by Florida law. $65 There are no refunds on classes but if something comes up and you can not make it- you may reschedule for up to one year.


sign up early to save your seat in this exciting newly formatted course. This class only seats 6 so you have plenty of one on one with the 2-3 instructors during live fire. This class goes over more than the basic firearm safety and awareness. You will learn firearm basics and safety as well as, owner responsibilities, maintenance, locks and safety equipment. We will cover shooting stance and sight alignment and how to check if a gun is loaded. The instructor will answer any specific questions and will have additional instructors come in to go over dry firing (without ammo) and take you onto the range for live fire shooting lessons. All this while learning on all new Smith & Wessons with lasers. For $55.00 you will receive the class using your own gun. You will need 25 rounds of ammo you may bring your own or purchase here. If you would like to use our firearms and ammo the class fee is $70.00. You may not leave a bull’s eye shooter but you will be able to shoot a group consistently and make informed decisions about firearms. You will be able to defend yourself and return to the range for shooting practice on your own with confidence There are no refunds for this class but you may reschedule for up to a year.


Shooting Improvement course with skills and drills to increase your handgun shooting ability

This class is  a shooting class for those that have the basics covered but will like more proficiency. It will allow you to increase your knowledge and improve your techniques. Most shooters will go through 75-100 rounds in this class. For $100 you can use your own gun and approved ammo.  You will be in a class with 5 shooters and have plenty of one on one time with the instructor. This is an extension of our beginner class with a shorter classroom experience and more hands on time in the range. This class will improve your stance, grip and sight alignment to improve accuracy as well as the speed in wich you maintain accuracy.